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Received via email and posting here for the benefit of users.
I'm having problems printing PCX images. When i use the GraphicZebraCommand, i pass the filename and position.It prints the image but it also prints noise(like a bar). I don't know what it is. When i delete this command the label is printed correctly. Do you have any idea?
Here is my code:
class CustomLabel : IZebraCommand
   private readonly string commandString;
   public CustomLabel(string line1, string line2, string barcode)
       commandString = new LabelBuilder()
           .Border(20, 20, 500, 235)
           .Border(20, 20, 500, 90)
           .Border(290, 20, 500, 90)
           .Border(20, 90, 500, 135)
           .Border(20, 90, 255, 135)
           .Barcode("E0052008000005613").At(120, 140)
           .SmallText("TEXT1").At(24, 105)
           .SmallText("TEXT2").At(260, 105)
           .Image("logo4.pcx").At(21, 25).ToZebraInstruction();
Thanks in advance.
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thekua wrote Apr 23, 2008 at 2:36 PM

Hi there,

As far as I know, the Zebra printers only support a 2-bit PCX file format (i.e. black and white). Most image programs save them into a 16-bit or other version. A few programs that I know of can save them into this file format including Gimp (http://www.gimp.org/) and PaintShopPro. I know that trying to send something that is not saved in this special monochrome format does result in noise as you describe it.



unosan wrote Apr 23, 2008 at 2:50 PM

Thanks for your reply, Patrick. I knew the problem of the file format so I converted a jpeg file to a 2 bit PCX file format. It's converted in RLE compression. I have attached the file for testing purposes. Please, can you test this file in your printer?. Thanks in advance.

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thekua wrote Apr 23, 2008 at 3:00 PM

I know that I've had some issues with the size of an image before. Can you please try resizing your image (smaller/larger) and see if makes a difference. I can't explain why though I know it sometimes has a better effect. I've found one image size may be better than another.

Nchantim wrote Sep 24, 2008 at 5:44 PM

I have trouble with the graphics printing with 2-bit PCX. The first time I run this function. If I call it again, then I don't get the noise.
    Dim myComms As New Com.SharpZebra.ZebraCommands
    Dim myGr As New Com.SharpZebra.Commands.GraphicZebraCommand(strPic, 10, 10)

    Dim myPrintR As New Printing.ZebraPrinter(strPrinter)

If I call a function to print a barcode or to print text, then call the graphic function I get the noise.
Using a Zebra 2746e with latest driver.
I've tried various sizes for the graphic, and used frodoshop to convert to 2-bit pcx.

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