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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zebra Printer

Zebra is a manufacturer of thermal transfer printers, typically used for specific label printing.

Why wouldn't I use a normal printer and print onto large sheets of paper that can also be used as labels?

You can choose to use a normal printer, and print onto label paper and then you would not need to use this library. Zebra printers are still very popular printers to print on for a number of reasons that you can read about on the web. If you do choose Zebra brand printers for printing, then we suggest you use these APIs for C# development since not many other alternatives exist.

Why did you create this project?

Printing to a Zebra Printer requires understanding a low level language (EPL2 or ZPL2 language) for communicating with the printer. As a result of a technical investigation, we wrapped a small set of classes so new developers didn't need to understand the language all the time.

Unfortunately when we conducted our spike we couldn't find any nice abstractions of the APIs and also found most examples on the web difficult to test, and also integrate neatly into a new project. I thought it would be good to have a library to integrate with your application, so developers could focus on what they need to print, instead of working out how they should print to their application.

After the needs of our project, we refactored to these abstractions, building project specific abstractions on top of the Zebra printing specific ones.

Do I still need to install the printer drivers?

Yes if your printer is attached directly to a computer. The APIs are designed to interact with the print queue in Windows and assume you have installed the printer driver and can print a test page successfully.
If you are printing to a network attached printer, you are not required to installed the driver.

Do you work for Zebra?

No I do not. The software is not associated nor endorsed by the Zebra company.

What's the best way of testing what my labels would look like?

We found that the best way of really testing what the output is going to be like is to actually send the instructions to the printer and see how it interprets it.

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