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Lets wrap

Aug 27, 2007 at 9:11 PM
Edited Aug 27, 2007 at 9:17 PM
Just to give the history as I understand it:
'ZPL' (Industrial, Enterprise, SME and 'Z' series SOHO desktop Zebra Printers)
'EPL' (Legacy SME and SOHO desktop Eltron Printers)
'EPL2' (Current SME and SOHO desktop printers
'CPCL' (Mobile / Portable Zebra Printers)
'EPCL' (Enterprise, SME and SOHO Zebra plastic card printers)

(Note: if the above list does not bring a lot of like minded weary Googliers, i'll eat my hat)

The above is only a guide, some printers can emulate more than on language because in wrapper terms they all have a very similar approach and language structure. So much so, that some zebras will now emulate 'IPL' (Intermec) and a further array of competing printer languages outside the zebra range of printers. Not sure if you are aware of all the above and the full range of possibilities that could be opened by such a project, hybrid or super-class.

I leave you with this thought, Zebra is the number manufacture of both 'Bar Code' and 'Plastic Card' printers, and you would be very surprised how many label printers carry someone else's 'Brand' but are really 'OEM re-badged Zebra Printers'.

I believe this project could be the start of something beautiful ... sniff, sniff, sniff ... tear drops begin to fall through a smiling face of adoration